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Help us to publish our GAMES by buying our gaiming Headphones, BUY NOW!

About us

What is Crapto Studio?

Crapto Studio, is a Game developers Team , we need help to publish our games and imporove them so we create this project to support us by buying our headphones

Special Befits !

By buying our headphones you will be listed in our supporters list and you will be able to access special Customs, Skins, Weapons....and much more in our Games !

Gifts & Prizes !

You will Recive special gifts when you buy any headphones from us and Prizes Add on that you will get Special Thanks CARD

List your NAME !

Once you buy any headphone from us your name will be listed in our credits in our Games, Thats amazing Right ?


Crapto Studio Timeline

Reaching 100 sales
  • We will be able to buy licenes for GFX, UI
  • Creating Developer Account in Steam, Googleplay, AppStore
  • Publish wishlist in steam and google play
Reaching 150 Sales
  • Oficially Kindle Wars will release
  • Open Crapto Studio Gaming Community
  • Physical Merches of Kindle Wars and Gifts
Reaching 450 Sales
  • Start Developing Brawlshooter project
  • Our Supporter list they will able to test the fist beta version.
  • Lunch our E-sports Competition
Reaching 1000 Sales
  • Lunching our Physical Studio
  • Continue Developing Kindle Wars and Brawlshooter and adding new features
  • Start working in Physical Crapto Studio Shop for gamers staff

How it works


Its super EASY just go and Choose any headphone you like and send direct message in our instagram account to place the order

Get your Headphone

Buy Headphone and you will get your Headphone Next your DOOR in less than one week !

Recive your Gifts and Prizes

Once you buy any Headphones your name will listed in Supporter list thats mean you will get Merches and Physical Prizes

Special Access

Supporters List can access to Beta version of our Games so they can try them before they release

Exclusive Content

By BECOME our member you will get special content in Kindle wars and Brawlshooter Project like Skins, Customs, Weapons, ....much more

Who iam?

Meet the Developer

Faisal Albusaidi

Founder & CEO


Looking for answers?

When Kindle Wars wil Release

Kindle Wars Project almost Done but we need to buy licenses for Graphics and Sounds and GUI so we need financial help

You just sell Headphones?

Actually, we want to specialize in headphones, but we may add to our Collections some products that help gamers

There is any Trailers for your projects ?

At the moment we are working on it but we need some financial help to complete it